Use your study time wisely

Will Mccarthy

As I merrily skipped my way over to Club Hendy this past weekend, I prepared myself for the zoo the library usually is during finals weeks. After an incredibly traumatizing, Black-Friday-trampling-esque, experience during finals week my freshman year, I avoid the library during this time like the plague. Despite my crippling fear, I simply had no other option but to slither into Zach S. Henderson’s honorary establishment.

Not only was I able to easily find a computer, I was bewildered to find an agglomeration of free computers that could outfit the needs of a Silicon Valley startup. I realized it was the weekend before “dead week,” but for me that’s always meant the due date for semester ending-papers, a multitude of projects, and a test or two thrown into the mix.

Why the lack of commotion?

A quick text survey from my bros informed me that everybody was off enjoying this last weekend before the pandemonium began either at the pool or bar side enjoying the NBA/NHL playoffs (go Hawks). Knowing my social circle, it won’t be until after the final weekend Plaza outing that any real preparation for finals will even begin to take form.

Well ladies and gentleman, if you have not already started preparing to study, start sharpening your pencils because now is that time. I recommend prioritizing cumulative tests and semester-long papers/projects before arbitrarily flipping through those history notes whilst pretending to be able to absorb it super-humanly. It’s all downhill from there.

If you find yourself at any point on the second floor bathroom crying to the personal Giving Tree you call your mother, claiming “you’ll probably have to drop out,” then take step back and get some perspective. I’m not suggesting that it is okay to underachieve, but a single class’ letter grade won’t lower your GPA significantly when compared with your collective 126-138-hour college tenure. If you need a 95 on your final exam to shamelessly pass with a C-, you probably don’t deserve the C anyways. It is too late to change the past, simply do your best and learn from the experience.

Finals stress can be avoided with a little preparation on your part. These remaining days are exceedingly valuable so use your free time in a way that you will appreciate, instead of regret, come Monday morning.