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A Tribute to Newsman Shaunathan

Ben Barks, Editor-in-Chief April 29, 2021

This is a 60-second documentary Benjamin Barks made to pay tribute to the newspaper-distributing escapades of graduating reporter Shaun Magalei.

No, But I’ve Heard of It

Ben Barks, Editor-in-Chief April 28, 2021

You ever have a friend that constantly seems to have “heard of” things, but doesn’t actually know what they are? Then you know how this guy feels. Sort of.

GSU Students Give Advice to Incoming Freshman

Nayia Worrell, Campus and Lifestyle Reporter April 27, 2021

Today our newest reporter Nayia Worrell asks different students around campus what they think freshmen need to know before coming to college. Camerawork by: Ansley Hamilton Edited by: Benjamin Barks

Movies at the Library Episode 3 – Fritz the Cat (1972)

Chad Reese, Special Features Reporter April 26, 2021

This week, Chad talks about the first X-Rated animated movie ever made: Fritz the Cat! Check it out and rent it for free at Henderson Library!

The RU Show: A Very Special Finale

Michael Ingenito, RU Show Producer April 26, 2021

For our last episode of the school year, Michael takes us on a journey around the rotunda and interviews the graduating seniors of the Studio, including Darth Maul for some reason.

Inner Circle: The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension

Clayton Franklin, Managing Editor April 23, 2021

UMM YEAH... This is all AJ, Clayton and his friend were pulled into this wacky world of whatever it was. Crazy.

Oreo Roulette RETURNS!

Shaun Magalei, Special Features Reporter April 21, 2021

Shaunathan returns yet again with another episode of him torturing himself and his friends, AJ and Brandon, with awful-tasting Oreos for your viewing pleasure.

Tricky Trivia: Eagle Edition

Nakya Harris and Miriam Boston April 20, 2021

Nakya Harris and Miriam Boston challenge the GSU eagles with tricky trivia questions!

The RU Show: The One Where We Go Beyond The Veil

Michael Ingenito, RU Show Producer April 19, 2021

This is what happens when boredom gets to the crew as the semester begins to wind down.

Inner Circle: Godzilla vs Kong

Clayton Franklin, Managing Editor April 16, 2021

BEEG APE VS LIZARD! This is all you need to know! Clayton recruits another Kaiju expert, Chad, to help with this weeks discussion. Watch Chad's video.

Vaccine Vlog

Ansley Hamilton, Campus and Lifestyle Reporter April 15, 2021

George-Anne Media takes you through the process of what it’s like to get the covid-19 vaccination here at school. Follow Ansley Hamilton as she describes all of the steps involved and gets the vaccine...

The Drawing Table Ep. 5: Venom

A.J. Hall, Special Features Reporter April 13, 2021

Today, AJ draws one of his all-time favorite comic book villains.

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