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Last Minute Stress Relief Tips

Casey Rohlen

May 3, 2017

Finals. Even the word can send a college student into Vietnam flashbacks of past battles against pre-calculus: America’s public enemy number one. There’s no way around it, you bought the six-figure ticket to attend college and ...

Ariane’s Spring Break

Ariane Jensen

March 28, 2017

Spring break is the most looked-forward-to part of the spring semester. This definitely applies to me. All I look forward to is just laying down for a week and not worrying about anything in specific. To me that is bliss so I w...

Kenneth’s Spring Break

Kenneth Lee

March 23, 2017

For my spring break, I watched a lot of TV and movies.Monday: Love Season 2On Monday, I decided to forgo all hopes of getting a head start on future assignments by binge-watching  the newly released season of Judd Apatow’s Love.That’s twelve 3...

Casey’s Spring Break

Casey Rohlen

March 22, 2017

Spr(aaaa)ing break. A time for parental sponsored lunacy and unadulterated fun. After not remembering a single spring break for the past seven some-odd years and breaking off a tumultuous relationship with the bottle 10 months ago,...

Kristy’s Spring Break

Kristy Daniels

March 21, 2017

Sunday:Hibernation in my hometown, Liberty County, Georgia.I also bought a round-trip plane ticket with this… My wallet was so angry at me.Monday:Netflix and no chill. I binge watched Korean movies all day, and  I also wai...

Brooke’s Spring Break

Brooke Thompson

March 20, 2017

The view from our condo.While my spring break had a bit of a boring start, my roommate was nice enough to invite me to go with her to Orlando, Florida on Tuesday. Of course I said yes, and we made plans to drive down, stay in a condo in Kissimmee, Flo...

International Conversation Hours Bring Diversity and Comfort to Campus

Casey Rohlen

February 20, 2017

Every Friday of each semester, Georgia Southern students from all around the world gather for a light lunch and refreshments on the school’s campus. Backed by the Office of International Programs and Services, International Co...

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