Arabic club seeks to promote culture

Brianna Quarterman

Georgia Southern University’s Arabic club is quickly emerging as one of the most diverse clubs on campus and also serves to facilitate a culture understanding of Arabs.

Formed in the Fall 2012, the club is aimed towards educating students about the Arabic culture.

Dr. Youssef Salhi, an Arabic lecturer and advisor for the club, is very excited to expose students to the different diversities within the Arabic realm.

“Many students have such a high stereotype towards Arabs and Muslims because they don’t know anything about the culture. I want to show them that there are more similarities than differences when it comes to American culture,” Salhi said.

This proved to be true for Matthew Horne, club President and junior International Studies major.

“I’m in the ROTC and before taking a class with Dr. Salhi, I didn’t know anything about the Arab culture. Once the class ended, I became super interested in the culture and we decided to form a club so that we could learn more about the culture on a deeper level,” Horne said.

For many, the Arabic language may seem irrelevant, but for Elizabeth Gunnels, senior Geology major and club member, the language serves a purpose.

“I want to have a job as a petroleum geologist in the Middle East. So I joined the club to get used to the native dialects and learn as much as I could about the religion and culture. I enjoy being in the club because everyone like family to me,” Gunnels said.

Recently, the club visited the Statesboro Islamic Center and is currently planning International Poetry night for April 10.

This is a yearly event held for students to recite poetry from different languages. This event is also open to other clubs on campus.

Salhi said, “This is a night where we want students to come out and feel comfortable with one another, and share their talents in a friendly and warm environment.”