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At the beginning of the Fall 2014 semester, the Magnolia Publications team sat down in the campus Starbucks to conquer a problem that had been plaguing Student Media for years. “What is Reflector Magazine?” The Georgia Southern yearbook turned entertainment magazine, turned feature publication has had a lot of different missions in the past. With a loss of direction, it was time figure out what the students needed out of Reflector Magazine. They needed to start with a blank slate.

The staff bounced around different ideas of a hardcore feature magazine, a publication with a “yearbook vibe” and even a magazine focused solely on food. As the conversation began to run astray and the next round of coffees were being ordered, the incoming Reflector editor said, “It’s a lifestyle magazine.” When asked to elaborate, she explained that we’re all thrown into this college experience, and it’s nothing like we’ve ever dealt with before. She said that the culture we have on this campus isn’t just something that disappears in thin air after you spend your four (sometimes five) years here.

She finished with, “College isn’t just a phase, it’s a lifestyle.”

And in that moment Reflector Magazine was officially reborn.

Reflector Magazine is Georgia Southern University’s premier lifestyle magazine.

Here at Reflector Magazine, we strive to showcase the lives and culture of Georgia Southern University students. Every day, our staff of editors and contributors work to engage the community with content through our biannual magazine and weekly website.

Reflector Magazine is produced by the Magnolia Publications Division of Georgia Southern’s Department of Student Media in Statesboro, GA.

Reflector Magazine is operated by GS students who are members of Student Media, a Georgia Southern student-led organization operating through the Dean of Student Affairs Office and the Division of Student Affairs & Enrollment Management.

Opinions expressed are those of student writers and editors and DO NOT reflect those of the faculty, staff, administration of GS, Student Media Advisory Board nor the University System of Georgia.

Partial funding for this publication is provided by the GS Activities Budget Committee. Advertisements fund the remaining costs. Advertising inquiries may be sent to Office of Student Media, PO Box 8001, or by calling the Business Office at 912-478-5481. Inquiries concerning content should be sent to Reflector Editor-in-Chief Jenna Wiley by emailing

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