The student led, student read news organization at Georgia Southern University

The George-Anne Media Group

The student led, student read news organization at Georgia Southern University

The George-Anne Media Group

The student led, student read news organization at Georgia Southern University

The George-Anne Media Group

Clarkes Beverages II and the Evolution of Statesboro's Liquor Culture Part 1
Briyanna Thompson, Editor in Chief • April 11, 2024

College is all about making memories, and with making memories comes going to your first college party and having what might just be your first...

Orange Crush in Jeopardy?

Orange Crush is one of the biggest unsanctioned events in Savannah, Georgia, on Tybee Island. This event dates back to 1988, when many HBCU colleges...

Students playing Super Smash Bros at the Educational Gaming Center
National Library Week - Gaming Center, Scavenger Hunt and Raffle Prizes

Zach S. Henderson Library kicked off National Library Week with a video and board game meetup in the brand new Educational Gaming Center on the...

Ozempic: Helpful or Harmful?

What’s new: The weight loss drug Ozempic has been on the rise since its FDA approval in 2017, patients and doctors do not understand the full...

Why We Need Duo
Why We Need Duo

Recently, students who’ve logged onto their MyGS portal saw a change in the look of Duo, Georgia Southern’s two-factor authentication system....

This is a representation of what they sun will look like during the eclipse.
Eclipse Over the Boro

On April 8, the total solar eclipse can be seen right here in Statesboro. The last time a total eclipse took place where people were able to...

Solar Eclipse Safety Need-To-Knows
Anna Claire Edenfield April 8, 2024

Around 3:07 p.m. today, expect cooler weather and more silvery light, as Statesboro experiences about 70% totality of the solar eclipse. What...

Reflector Reviews: "Quiet on Set: The Dark Side of Kids TV"

Although I was a Disney kid growing up, I was always down to watch Nickelodeon. It had the classics: “ iCarly”, “ Drake...

April Fools Pranks (Fayth's Favorites Edition)

Happy April Fools Day!!!! Don’t worry, you’re not getting pranked by me today… maybe, but today I do want to do a recap...

The Spring Break Slump and How to Overcome It
The "Spring Break Slump" and How to Overcome It

For college students, spring break is a highly anticipated time of the semester. Whether you go home, to the beach, or just a...

Savannah St. Patty's Day: Best Dressed

Welcome to the 200th Savannah Saint Patrick’s day parade! More specifically, the best, most intriguing, eye-catching, Saint...

Reflector Reviews: "Eternal Sunshine"

  Ariana Grande recently released her latest studio album, titled "eternal sunshine". By taking on a completely different...

Reflector Reviews: TEXAS HOLD EM, Beyoncé
Reflector Reviews: "TEXAS HOLD 'EM", Beyoncé

Coming in hot at 3 minutes and 55 seconds, Beyoncé shocked the world with her new hit single “TEXAS HOLD ‘EM”, an upbeat...

Reflector Reviews: Sullys Steamers Statesboro
Reflector Reviews: Sully's Steamers Statesboro

Come one, come all, to my new favorite breakfast/lunch sandwich place in Statesboro, the lovely, Sully’s Steamers. Y’all,...

RU Show - Trying Sweet Impact!
Katie Duke and Jordyn Mobley April 11, 2024

Today for this episode of the RU Show, we went to Sweet Impact- a new bakery that just opened up here in Statesboro! Watch us try (almost) all...

Come with me to the grand opening of Sweet Impact! #georgeanne
Jordyn Mobley, Editor-In-Chief • April 10, 2024

Hidden Gems - Laurens Health and Wellness
Hannah Hutcheson and Car Cox April 9, 2024

Step into the enchanting world of Lauren's Health and Wellness, a local metaphysical store nestled in our town of Statesboro. In this captivating...

Watching the solar eclipse! #georgeanne
Jordyn Mobley, Editor-In-Chief • April 8, 2024

Kent Schmidt pictured
Eagles Baseball Defeats Panthers in Weekend Series
Briyanna Thompson, Editor in Chief • April 8, 2024

The Eagles opened the series with a 10-6 win on Friday night. Game 1: 10-6 JD Kaiser put the Eagles on the board at the bottom of he first...

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