Music program gets down to business at Georgia Southern

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  • Bachelor of Arts in Music degree is underway

William Cobb

SAVANNAH — Georgia Southern University has announced plans to add a new music industry degree under the College of Arts and Humanities.

The program will put more focus on music technology and business, with the hope that it will appeal to more students and open a wider path of careers.

“The new program will allow us to connect with a whole new group of potential students.” Steven Harper, chair of the department of music, said. “We have been getting inquiries about a music industry degree for years, but have never before had the resources to make it happen.”

Accompanying this new field will be several new courses to help develop this path, including Introduction to Music Industry, Live Sound Reinforcement and Commercial Music Theory. 

Harper has stated that the program is not vocational; it is still being proposed under the Bachelor of Arts in Music and only improves on what current music technology and management courses have already built.

Though the degree is open to students of every GS campus, it is only fully available on the Armstrong Campus. Many of its required courses are also available on any campus, though some will be exclusive to Armstrong.

The program is currently awaiting approval from GS and the National Association of Schools of Music. News on the approval status is expected to be released in June.

Davis Cobb, The George-Anne News Reporter,