Blast from the Past presents marvelous fashion

Rashida Otunba

Blaqshion and D.I.M.E.S. collaborated for the first time tonight to present ‘Throwback Thursday’, a fashion show commemorating fashions from different eras in the 1900’s with a modern twist.

The night began with a musical prelude and jokes by the master of ceremonies J. Money.

The performance started off with an opening sequence by the models featuring the song ’23’ by Wiz Khalifa and Miley Cyrus. The segment started with modern fashions that showcased pink, red and peach skirt, blazers and dresses and also featured a cobalt blue pantsuit with silver accessories.

Models then presented fashions from the 1980’s and 1990’s as turn of the century hits played in the background. In this segment, models showcased baggy denim jeans, colorful patterned tops and jeans, gold chains, chunky sweaters and oval sunglasses.

The next segment featured fashions from the 1960’s and 1970’s as models walked to music by Santigold and MGMT as they strutted down the runway in a psychedelic assortment of brightly colored clothing and accessories, complete with flower crowns, colorful blazers and flower patterned leggings.

The night then came to a brief pause during intermission, when Forte Step Team performed a step routine.

The performance continued as models presented a special scene showcasing business attire. Models performed to Jay-Z’s ‘$100 Bill’ and Wale’s ‘Work it’ as they presented gray and burgundy suits, jackets, ties and suspenders with chic black heels and loafers.

“Overall the business segment was my favorite scene. It was very organized and all of the models looked really put together,” Isis Edwards, freshman nursing major, said.

The night then came to a close with a Roaring Twenties style segment that showcased fashions from the 1920’s with a modern twist. Models emerged wearing black outfits with pearl accessories and walked to music from ‘The Great Gatsby’ soundtrack.

The show ended with the presentation of a flapper style dress with silver sequins and a feather headdress. It also featured a white dress with strands of pearls and strappy Mary Jane heels and an outfit that consisted of a white collared shirt and checkered pants.