Green and Ashley running unopposed in SGA election

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  • Green Garrett

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Lauren Gorla

Campaigning has begun for the upcoming Student Government Association, and for the second year in a row, the executive president and executive vice president candidates are running unopposed.

“Ultimately, I want people who are passionate.  If there were senators that did not feel ready or didn’t prefer to run, then let the ones who are ready step up,” Patrice Jackson, dean of students, said.

Garrett Green, current executive vice president of auxiliary affairs, is running unopposed for the position of executive president.

Annalee Ashley, current college of business administration SGA senator, is running unopposed for the position of executive vice president.

“Running uncontested is not affecting my campaign at all.  We’re already going hard on sheet signs, flyers, buttons and getting in contact with organizations on campus,” Green said.

There are still many senator positions open that are running opposed, and SGA is using the election to encourage students to vote for those positions, Green said.

“This election is really about getting students involved, and I’m seeing it as more of a promotion of SGA than a campaign,” Green said.

Dominique Quarles, executive president of SGA, ran unopposed last year and agreed with Green in remembering the other senator positions.

“The president and vice president are only two positions. Overall we have fifty,” Quarles said.

An SGA senator expressed her viewpoint on the uncontested election.

Precious Lango, college of health and human sciences senator, said, “I don’t completely agree with it because there are so many people completely capable of running but might be too humble or feel more comfortable in the backseat.  (An uncontested election) is not something I promote.”