Conclusive evidence leads to arrest for 2018 rape

Sarah Smith

STATESBORO — An arrest was made for a rape at Southern Courtyard in Oct. of 2018 on Oct. 7, 2019.

Tyler Richards of Savannah was arrested last week after evidence supported he committed the crime.

“This is a 2018 case for which we just received conclusive evidence from the crime lab in Savannah and we were able to issue an arrest warrant,” Jennifer Wise, University spokesperson, said in an email. “He was enrolled (at Georgia Southern) in Fall 2018 and is not currently enrolled for this semester.”

The victim flagged down an officer on the side of the road on the night of the incident. The victim did not know where they were or how they got there, according to the Statesboro Herald.

The victim recalled flirting with the suspect that night as well as being at Dingus Magees and Shenanigans. However, the victim did not recall how she got to Southern Courtyard, according to the Herald.

After receiving permission, the officer took the victim to the Teal House, where they were treated for conditions related to the assault.

After investigation, Richards was identified as the suspect.

Sarah Smith, The George-Anne News Editor,