An inside look at Georgia Southern criminal justice program

Davon Johnson

STATESBORO — The criminal justice program is looking to get students ready for careers in the field of law enforcement, victim advocacy, data management and the nature of justice.

The new program came after the consolidation from the Armstrong campus.

It became the masters of science in criminal justice and criminology last fall and it can be done fully online or in person. Armstrong campus is for the online portion of the program and Statesboro campus is the in person.

“Expect to read and write a lot because you can’t come to a graduate program and procrastinate,” Ernest Zittrouer, a graduate assistant, said. “If you are thinking about coming then go and talk to professors so they can explain the process.” 

The program offers courses that are introductory with broad comprehensive classes and focus classes on particular issues.

Criminal justice graduates are allowed to branch out from the program and take six hours of electives to aid in their research.

“Our goal is to produce students that are well-rounded to enter any career of their desire,” Graduate Coordinator Chad Posick said. “We focus on being critical thinkers so all of our classes include critical thinking components.”

The two major tracks in the program is criminal justice criminology and cyber crime.

“It’s a master’s degree that sets you up for multiply different careers paths,” Posick said. “The diversity and flexibility of this degree makes it stand out.”

Georgia Southern has two graduates who work in Statesboro with one working at the clerk of courts office and another is a victim advocate working at the Statesboro district attorney office.

“The program has routes so you can do a thesis or a practicum so if you are thinking about doing either of these, just start early.” Zittrouer said. “It’s a hassle looking for internships because I did one with the U.S. marshals and it took six months to get the A-OK so just be patient.” 

The final deadline to apply for the criminal justice graduate program for Spring is Nov. 15 and April 1 for the summer.

Davon Johnson, The George-Anne News Reporter,