Gender inclusive bathrooms, student resource center, part of WGSS inclusivity initiative

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  • The WGSS student resource center is located within the WGSS Office in the Carroll Building, in room 2288.

Tatiana Joseph-Sanders

STATESBORO — The Women’s, Gender and Sexualities Studies department at Georgia Southern have helped get gender inclusive bathrooms on the GS campus and a student resource center on campus. 

These gender inclusive bathrooms are located in the Carroll Building at the center for social gerontology, the Zach S. Henderson Library on the 2 floor, the health center and the counseling center. 

Nikki DiGregorio, Ph.D., associate professor of child and family development, said that the gender inclusive bathrooms were very important and personal.

“As someone who has had to go to the emergency room due to an obstructed bladder due to avoiding public restrooms for fear of harassment and/or violence, I understand how imperative it is that this initiative continue to move forward,” Dr. DiGregorio said. “All gender bathrooms are important to foster an inclusive environment on college campuses everywhere.”

WGSS also has a student resource center on campus. The WGSS student resource center is located within the WGSS Office in the Carroll Building, in room 2288. Within the room, a food pantry, LGBTQ+ library, a diaper and lactation station, among other resources and supplies for all students.

Co-Director of WGSS,Lisa Costello,Ph.D., said that WGSS is making an impact on the Georgia Southern campus through inclusive excellence. 

“The WGSS is an academic program that has interdisciplinary classes from all over campus, like Intro LGBT studies, race & ethnicity, and women’s history,” Costello said. “These classes and our programming align with and enrich the inclusive excellence pillar that is central to Georgia Southern’s strategic plan.” 

Speaking on future WGSS projects or initiatives, DiGregorio,Ph.D, said that these successes were a product of years of work,

“We are excited about the University’s strategic pillar of inclusive excellence! The WGSS program has inclusive excellence woven throughout its mission and has been engaged in this work for years,” DiGregorio said. “We are here and ready to collaborate to work across campuses to help support students, faculty and staff.”

Tatiana Joseph-Saunders, The George-Anne News Reporter,