Southern Limelight: Comic story artist, Conner Kirsch

Tony Ortega

Conner Kirsch is a junior at Georgia Southern University, majoring in writing and linguistics with a minor in Animation and new media. He plans to graduate from Georgia Southern University in the fall of 2020. Connor mainly focuses on narrative sequential art, which is art that tells a story. 

“I focus in comics, storyboarding, animation and things of the like,” Kirsch said.

He is the current president of the Animation and Illustration club and also the president of the Creative Writing Club. In Animation and Illustration club, they host craft tables and they also share projects amongst each other. While in the Creative Writing Club, they share writing and also respond to a weekly prompt. 

“It’s very enjoyable to be able to get a group of like-minded people together and talk about what we do,” Kirsch said. “It’s nice to have that one central sense of community around animation and illustration.” 

Kirsch also goes to events and mixers, where he talks to professionals and tries to get them to come to GS. As a kid, he wanted to become a biomedical engineer, but knew he had two marketable skills and realized he could choose a career that would make him love his job. 

Kirsch plans to keep working on creating more content and building his portfolio of comics and cartoons. 

“It’s what I like to do and it’s fun,” Kirsch said. “I want to be building a library of content for a portfolio so I can transition into a job.”

You can check Kirsch’s art on his Instagram, @connerkirsch, and check out his portfolio on his website by clicking here.