Georgia Southern student to debut Bulloch County military history exhibit as part of project

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  • The Bulloch County Military Heritage and History exhibit will be housed in the Bulloch County Annex.

Rachel Adams

The Georgia Southern University Museum will debut an exhibit on Bulloch County’s military history on April 30.

Breana James, a GS public history student, led the Bulloch County’s Military History and Heritage project, which features an exhibit called “Community and Conflict” and a website also called Bulloch County’s Military Heritage.

The exhibit will showcase different artifacts and history from Bulloch County veterans who gave their lives as well as those who are still living in the community today.

“Around a dozen veterans or family members of veterans participated in creating the exhibit,” James said in an email. “Specifically, I interviewed eight people in Bulloch County about the war.”

James said she began researching for the project in April 2018 and began working on it in August 2018.

“The military history of Bulloch County is a topic that countless people have researched, written about and commemorated over hundreds of years,” James said. “I wanted to be familiar with as much of that information as possible.”

James said that it was difficult to choose which artifacts to include in the exhibit, as there was limited space.

“I would make the exhibit space twice as big if I could to include all the history of this county,” James said. “That is one of the reasons why we created the website, to house more information as well as teaching and research opportunities about the project and its subject.”

The exhibit will open April 30 from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the Bulloch County Annex on 115 North Main Street.

Rachel Adams, The George-Anne Enterprise Reporter,