“Unplug and Reboot” event at Sweetheart Circle encouraged students and staff to disconnect from technology and conserve energy

Sarah Smith

Georgia Southern University’s Center for Sustainability hosted a no technology event, “Unplug and Reboot,” at Sweetheart Circle to encourage students and staff to power down and reconnect with one another as a part of No Impact Week.

The CFS’ mission is to increase education and awareness of sustainability and to implement the best practices in sustainability issues on GS’ campus and in the community.

“It allows students to think about how much energy is being used while using technology and encourages them to put down their phones to reduce energy,” Cami Sockhow, program coordinator of the Center for Sustainability at GS said.

At this no-phone event, the Savannah Analog Company was selling food and drinks, live music was played and the CFS had a booth set up to promote their mission.

Volunteers were stationed at different booths where yoga, star gazing, musical chairs, painting, food and sporting activities were offered.

Student opinions

Alexis McGhee, first-year master of public health student and a volunteer yoga instructor, loved that she could share her love for yoga in a place so natural as Sweetheart Circle.

“We live in a society that is always on the go and always in communication. This event gives you a chance to just be,” McGhee said.

Colin Mattheis, junior finance major, enjoyed the event but volunteered at the event primarily for his environmental biology class report.

“The environment is extremely important,” Mattheis said. “Our generation is too technology dependent and we need to pay more attention to our planet.”

While the event is cool, it will not make much of an impact on the attendees, Addison Montroy, freshman psychology major said.

“In general, it’s a one and done thing. It won’t make a lasting impact for people to say, ‘Hey, let’s put away our phones tonight,’” Montroy said.

Sarah Smith, The George-Anne Candidate, ganewsed@georgiasouthern.edu