Grad Cap Decorating Tips


Noelle Walker, Miscellany Editor-in-Chief

One of the most fun parts of graduating is customizing your graduation cap. Graduates sometimes go all out while others opt for a more laid-back approach. Whatever your graduation cap design is, have fun with it! 

Whether you’re graduating in December or May, here are some tips to get your ideas flowing:

Come up with a design idea tailored to you
Perhaps one fo the most difficult things when designing your cap is coming up with a unique, creative idea. Pinterest is a great place to look to see how other graduates have designed theirs over the years!

Here are a few ideas: 



Gather your materials
Remember that you’ll need a base to go over your cap. Hobby Lobby is a great place to get materials because they have many different options of materials, whether it be paper, flowers, or Scrapbook letters! A cheaper alternative for supplies is the Dollar Tree.

Start designing your Graduation cap!
Have fun with it! It might be beneficial to create a rough draft of your design before starting on the final product as well.