Georgia Southern club teaches students about vegan and vegetarian lifestyles

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  • Nicole Baar, senior political science and Spanish major, (left) and Brianne Williams, senior electrical engineering major, (right) table for a Powered by Plants event.

Skyler Collins

Powered by Plants is a club at Georgia Southern University that is dedicated to showing appreciation to both the vegetarian and vegan lifestyles, by providing an open community for vegetarians, vegans and those interested in the vegetarian and vegan lifestyle.

Nicole Baar, senior political science and Spanish major, started the club in the fall of 2018.

The club’s mission is to promote the advantages of a vegetarian or vegan diet such as its impact on animal health, human health and planet health.

Angelique Jennings, senior anthropology major and current club president, hopes to bring activities such as volunteering at animal shelters, a Q&A panel with a vegan, grocery tours around Statesboro and raising money for animal rights groups to the club in the near feature.

Membership is open at all times to anyone and club activities include potlucks, discussions on veganism and vegetarianism, learning how to become vegan or vegetarian and volunteering with animal rights groups on campus.

Skyler Collins, The George-Anne Candidate,