Interested in Working for the Inkwell?


Duncan Sligh and Rebecca Munday

1. What will I be writing about?

That depends on what stories the editors have to assign that week. Otherwise, what we cover is largely dependent upon the interests of who’s in the newsroom pitching the ideas, so if you think there’s a topic we’re not covering that we should be covering, speak up! If there is something you love writing about, this is the place to get it published!

2. What’s AP style? Do you mean APA? 

AP style refers to the style used by the Associated Press. It’s the format style used in formal published journalism. It doesn’t use the Oxford comma, it writes dates like Feb. 3, and paragraphs are usually just one or two sentences, just to give some examples. You’ll of course receive more formal training on AP style if you choose to join the Inkwell!

3. What if I’m not a good writer?

The Inkwell doesn’t require our staff writers to have prior experience writing. We’re student journalists and all still learning how to be better writers every day. The editors will be happy to provide feedback and answer any questions you have. Also, you’re probably not nearly as bad as you think. 

4. Do I have to be a staff writer to join the Inkwell? 

First of all, you don’t need to be a writer to join the Inkwell. We hire photographers, people whose only job is to deliver papers to our bins, and the new marketing position, whose job it will be to increase the visibility of the George-Anne Inkwell on the Armstrong campus and on social media. If you’d like to do any of these things, in addition to, or instead of writing articles, please fill out our Interest Form. 

5. What’s the time commitment?

The minimum commitment is two hours per week, but staff writers can work up to eight hours, or four two-hour shifts per week, depending on how much they want to be involved and how much scholarship money they are looking to receive. 

6. Do I get paid?

Some scholarship positions are available. Scholarships are based on how much work you can commit to per week. For more information, email David Simpson at 

7. What kind of training is involved?

We have an online training program. Once you’ve completed a brief introduction (less than an hour), you can begin hands-on work. After nine hands-on shifts and more online training, you are eligible to apply for a staff position. All the training added up is only a few hours and can be done remotely. Once you’ve filled out our interest form, the Director of Student Media, David Simpson, will send more information about training.

8. Are there opportunities for upward mobility?

There is plenty of opportunity to move up if you’re interested in taking on more responsibilities in the future. All Inkwell editors-in-chief started off as writers. But be warned, with the promotion to editor or editor-in-chief comes more time commitment, as well as greater and more varied responsibilities. 

9. Where can I find you if I have more questions?

Come say “hi” at our office in the MCC, room 202, right above Starbucks.  You can also email the editors at with any questions or go to the to fill out our interest form.