912SK8: Statesboro’s Finest Gliders

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Lauren Sabia, Campus Editor

Georgia Southern’s new and beloved organization, 912SK8, allows students to come together and practice skating every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at the RAC Pavilion. 

Their president and senior, Maia Stewart, decided to start this organization because the closest skating rink or park is in Savannah, and the only other resource would be Skate Nights sometimes hosted at the Williams Center.

By creating the organization and getting four other officers to help run it, Stewart was able to get the benefits of reserving spaces to host regular practices and gatherings. 

​Another person that helped start up this organization is senior Thomas Rhodes. He took part in the decision to use the RAC Pavilion for their practices. 

“Well we went location scouting and this seemed like the surface that was the safest place for us to do our skating and stress relievers,” Rhodes said. “So we just came out and made this our designated spot.”

Practice usually starts with members working on their own craft or on moves together with a group. With beginners, they first ask them what they are comfortable with and start them off with simple moves to learn balance.

“I’ve literally learned so much since I’ve been here from people that probably haven’t been skating as long as me or have been skating longer,” said Matthew Spradling, a junior and frequent participant in 912SK8. 

912SK8 is adopting the motto, “each one, teach one”, from the skating community to continue encouraging members of all skating experiences to come out. Stewart wants students to know that this organization is to serve them and be a safe place. 

For senior Charity Hollis, 912SK8 gave her the first opportunity to skate in a group setting and learn alongside others. “Being around people who know a little bit more than you helps you a lot and it pushes you,” Hollis said. 

Members are encouraged to eventually purchase their own pair of skates, but the organization also offers a skate rental service with their sponsor, Impala Skates. It is $3 to rent a pair for one practice, and $7 to rent them for a week. 

There are over 100 students in the organization’s GroupMe, but those that are actually involved do pay dues of $25 with a t-shirt included. About 15 members join Stewart at their practices each week. 

Stewart said this about the future of 912SK8, “I would like this organization to grow to the point where we, the town of Statesboro, consider building an actual skating rink or begin to use the Williams Center for recurring skate nights on campus.”

To learn more or sign up, go to Eagle Engage on the MyGeorgiaSouthern portal or click here to check out their Instagram.