Auxiliary Services adds new vending machines to campus

Brendan Ward

Auxiliary Services has added new vending machines to the Statesboro campus because the old machines were in need of an upgrade.

The new machines were added because the vending machines on the Statesboro campus had not been updated for years, Eddie Mills, associate vice president of auxiliary services, said.

“The Statesboro Campus was in need of new snack vending machines,” Mills said. “It had been several years since we upgraded equipment.”

The vending machines were added with no additional costs because the vending contract that was in place on the Armstrong and Liberty campuses was expanded to Statesboro, Mills said.

The vending machines come with new features including:

  • Touch screens.
  • The ability to purchase multiple items at once.
  • The ability to pay with credit card, eagle express, apple pay, as well as cash.
  • The ability to change the language on the machine.
  • A wheelchair mode that makes the buttons accessible for people in wheelchairs.

Elliott Smith, sophomore, construction management, said he likes the new machines.

“I don’t really use them, but I like it,” Smith said. “I might start using them now.”

The new machines can be found anywhere that vending machines are located, including The Williams Center, Carroll Building and The Russell Union.

Brendan Ward, The George-Anne Coverage Managing Editor,