Bike-sharing company rolls into Georgia Southern

Shiann Sivell

Bike-sharing company Lime extended its services to Statesboro after teaming up with Uber in July.

The Uber deal resulted in a $335 million investment into the bike service, allowing the company to expand its business into American cities such as Statesboro.

To access available bikes, students must first download the Lime app where they will put in their phone number, location and card. Then students will be shown a map of available bikes in their area to unlock.

Each time a rider gets off the bike, they must press down a lock that ends their session and charges them based off the amount of time they rode. The next rider can then unlock the bike with the Lime app and ride.

Part of Lime’s services includes electric scooters. The deal with Uber specifies that it will add Lime scooters, however, it does not specify when or even if they will appear on campus.

A sublime service

A thirty-minute bike ride is only $1, however, Terrance Edwards, a freshman accountant major, said the charge adds up.

“I have five classes I ride the bike to, it adds to about ten dollars a day,” Edwards said. “I wish it were free, but it beats the system.”

Aaron Hortan, a junior biology major, said that while the bikes are useful for a quick ride, he would rather have a bike of his own.

“I hope to buy one once my financial aid comes in,” Hortan said. “I bike to classes and off-campus, so I don’t want to have to keep paying the $1 fee.”

Shiann Sivell, The George-Anne Enterprise Reporter,