Finals Week Essentials

Brooke Thompson

The most dreaded and horrible part of the semester is almost here, Finals Week. It’s stressful, and most of the time, if something is going to go wrong, it will.


Here are some Finals Week essentials to remember to help your week go by a little smoother:

Writing Utensils

Make sure you have a back up pencil. It would be tragic to be stranded right before an exam with only your blood to write with.

Scantrons and Blue Books

If your professor says you need a scantron or blue book, get it before you forget. Make sure you know what number scantron you need and how many. There’s no excuse not to get one. They’re only 25 cents.

Note Cards and Paper

When you’re studying, note cards could very well be your best friend. Get lots of them because usually you need way more than you thought you did. Paper is also good to have to write down little things that you may need to remember.

A Schedule

Figure out when you are going to eat, study, and when your exams actually are. It would be tragic to miss something.


If you are someone who gets sleepy when studying, get some coffee. It will pep you back up in no time.


Don’t forget to stay hydrated during finals week. Lack of water can result in headaches and sluggishness.




Granola bars, almonds, or whatever else you may like would be a perfect study snack if you are stuck at the library.


You aren’t going to be at your best if you don’t get at least a little sleep.


Don’t forget your computer or phone charger if you are going to be at the library for long periods of time.


These are just a few items to help you get trough the stress of Final Week. Study hard and don’t be afraid to take a break every once in a while. After this is over, remember you’re that much closer to graduation. Good luck everyone!