Finals Week: Treating the Five Senses for Optimal Performance

Dana Lark

The countdown to finals week is officially on. Whether this is your first go-round in college or the FINAL finals week you will have in your undergraduate career, taking a holistic approach in the preparation is key for your performance and overall wellbeing.


Staring at a computer screen for hours on end is not the best thing you’ve ever done for your eyes. Monitor the brightness on your screen, and use a night-shift setting when it is available. Printing out pages of text and reading the paper version is helpful to get a break from screen time. However, if the screen is unavoidable, try a pair of blue-light blocking glasses that shield your eyes from the invisible rays that damage your eyes. Blue light can be the culprit of headaches and eye strain.  


While studying, listen to music that does not have lyrics. Lyrics tend to be distracting. You can play around with the tempos to see which one you jive with the best. Spotify and iTunes have a plethora of playlists handpicked for studying and productivity.


It’s candle time! Can I plug my currant-scented candle real quick? This scent catapults me into hours of productivity. It may not be for everyone, but I would highly advise finding and owning a candle scent that makes your happy. Essential oils are praised for their ability to clean out the dusty corners of our psyche, and their popularity has placed them on the shelves of places like WalMart. The oils are usually placed on the wrist, temples, and behind the ears.


Did someone say… snack queen? I will vote for indulgence, every time. I know, healthy foods are great and all. But at times like this, we must cut ourselves a break. Fancy chocolate boxes full of truffles, hot cocoa with extra marshmallows, FRENCH FRIES. Yes. Have a stash and do not be afraid to use it.


The compression of leggings does wonders for your legs, and I’m here to tell you it does wonders for the heart. Make sure every article of clothing that touches your skin is chosen with intention. I work best when I’m comfortable. Fuzzy socks or a favorite blanket can help set the tone as well.

Best of luck to each of you next week! Finals week is stressful, no matter how you slice it. Treat your senses, and your senses will treat you.