Increase in first-year students could lead to housing changes next semester

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Shiann Sivell

On-campus housing at Georgia Southern University is expected change due to an estimated increase in the number of first-year students next semester.

Last October when the decision was made to designate dorms, the projected numbers indicated that there would be an increase in first-year students on the Statesboro campus.

This ultimately means that there will be limited upperclassmen spaces available in GS main-campus communities, Director for Business and Administration Ryan Heins said.

“As we prepared to allocate rooms for new, returning and transfer students this year, we examined our room usage and application history from the past but have also closely reviewed the projected enrollment numbers for the incoming class,” Heins said.

However, upperclassmen will not be neglected.

“To counter portions of this major shift, [housing] has made the decision that when the Resident Advisor roommate spaces become available, they will mostly be offered to returning and transfer students prior to being offered to first year students,” Heins said.

This process will take place in April after RA’s are hired and placed.

Although changes to on-campus housing has not been confirmed, Freedom’s Landing and Centennial Hall, the primary dorms designated for upper and lower classmen, will experience the greatest changes. Exact changes will be not known until housing applications close on March 15.

Shiann Sivell, News Reporter,