GS holds Sexual Assault Awareness Week

Shiann Sivell

Georgia Southern University has begun a week-long sexual assault awareness event, which includes the Clothesline Project, the Take Back the Night march and a survivors’ rally.

The Clothesline Project is a movement meant to addresses violence against women. The drawings and emotional expressions on the shirts represent the survival of the violence many women have faced.

Each shirt is color-coded to represent a different form of sexual assault:

  • White – victim died due to violence
  • Yellow or beige – battered or assaulted victims
  • Red, pink, and orange – survivors of rape and sexual assault
  • Blue or green – survivors of incest and sexual abuse
  • Purple or Lavender – victims attacked because of their sexual orientation
  • Black – victims attacked for political reasons.

Along with the Clothesline Project there is a march and rally being held Thursday.

The Take Back the Night March will start in front of University Store at 7 p.m., Thursday.

Survivors, supporters of survivors and all those who seek to put an end to sexual assault and domestic violence are invited to march through campus to raise awareness for victims of sexual assault.

The End the Violence Rally will also be held the same day at Russell Union Rotunda at 8 p.m.

Survivors are encouraged to speak at the candle light vigil and open mic event and all are invited to attend. The goal of the event is to show how everyone plays a role in ending sexual assault.