A look into an automated future

Ryan Redding

With movies such as RoboCop, I, Robot and The Terminator; robots taking over the world is not a new idea in Hollywood. The plot of these movies, which are typically set in the distant future, normally follow the idea that artificial intelligence has gained a mind of its own and decides to use this new knowledge to destroy the human race.

Whenever I think about a robot invasion, my mind tends to drift towards the same scenario depicted in the films. In our modern society we are obviously years away from any sort of real threat from artificial intelligence, right?

While robots will most likely not be out to kill us any time soon, there is a prominent threat currently surrounding the ongoing spike in increasingly intelligent technology. Artificial intelligence is taking jobs away from humans at an alarming rate.

CNN reports that thirty-eight percent of jobs in the U.S. are at high risk of being replaced by robots and artificial intelligence over the next 15 years. But it is okay, we are in college! We are spending four years (if we are lucky) putting ourselves through loads of stress and debt so when we graduate we get to leave with a job waiting for us. We will obviously be okay, let those unskilled high school graduates battle it out for whatever jobs there are left.

As it turns out, the jobs that robots are taking over are becoming more and more skilled. In the U.S., 61% of jobs in the financial services sector are at a high risk of being replaced by artificial intelligence. We are no longer just talking about Charlie Bucket’s dad losing his job putting caps on toothpaste tubes, these are jobs that require actual skill from educated people that are being replaced.

A graph posted by Business Insider shows the top eleven jobs at risk of being replaced by AI, the graph incudes jobs such as lawyer and personal financial advisor. In a recent interview with CNBC the CEO of Taco Bell’s parent company, Greg Creed, stated,

“I don’t think it is going to happen next year or the year after, but I do believe that probably by the mid ’20s to the late ’20s, you’ll start to see a dramatic change in sort of how machines run the world.”

In the world we currently live in, people will do anything to make a quick buck. Artificial intelligence is far cheaper and easier to manage than a human worker. After years of education and planning for the future, it is hard to think that a machine can be a reason for you not to have a job.

With technology becoming more advanced every day, the market becomes more and more competitive. We are all taking the first step by putting ourselves ahead of the crowd that did not go to college. This, however, may no longer be enough to ensure a job. Joining clubs and getting internships that you can put on your resume are now essential to future employers. Without them you may end up having to get a job flipping burgers, assuming robots have not taken that over yet.