Introvert vs. Extrovert

Ryan Redding and Tandra Smith

Ryan Redding

I have always been the quiet guy, the one with the laid back personality. When I heard, as we all have, about the constant party that was Georgia Southern, I was sure when I moved to Statesboro I would change into the outgoing type. But instead of turning into the life of the party, I seemed to become less social. The more people that seemed to be at a function, the less comfortable I felt.

I began to see this as a flaw in my personality and actually thought there was something wrong with me. Then, as everyone does when they feel something is wrong with them, I Googled how to fix myself. I expected to find some wikiHow page explaining how to make yourself a more sociable person, instead I was bombarded with pages throwing around a word I had never heard before: introvert.

What is an introvert? Is it the people who are always sitting alone? Doesn’t that just mean they’re really shy?

The first definition that comes up for an introvert on is “a shy person.” This is how introverts are viewed by most of society. We are either too shy and need to come out of our shell, or we are arrogant because we would rather spend time alone than create small talk. Being shy however is in no way the same as being an introvert.

Shyness refers to people who avoid social interaction in fear of criticism or rejection. Introverts however do not have to be shy at all. Our lack of need for social interaction actually comes from the wiring in our brains. According to, “The front part of introvert’s brains are most active and stimulated by solitary activities while the back part of extrovert’s brains are most active. This part of the brain is stimulated by sensory events coming in from the external world.”

While extrovert’s dopamine levels spike while they are surround by people and are having small talk, introverts get more happiness by sitting in solitude or having a deep conversation with one other person. For introverts, socializing is like draining an internal battery and the only way to recharge is to have alone time. For extroverts however, the socializing is the recharging. After a long day of classes while an extrovert may hit the bars to blow off steam, an introvert will likely go back home to read a book or watch a movie.

If you are worried introversion will keep you from achieving great things, just know that there are more than a few successful self-proclaimed introverts such as: Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, JK Rowling and Rosa Parks to name a few. Instead of being the first to speak, we introverts like to take a step back and process all of the information thrown at us. This laid back approach allows us to make more informed decisions about our actions.

Being an introvert at Georgia Southern can be a challenge. Being surrounded by so many outgoing people and feeling like there is something wrong with you for not being that way can be very upsetting. Just realize that there is a large amount of people of campus who are just like you. Although it is good to get out of your comfort zone, never feel like you have to become someone you are not. The world needs introverts to keep balance in a world that doesn’t know when to slow down.

Tandra Smith

To be completely honest, I really don’t see myself as an extrovert. I mean, does an extrovert like big parties, like to be the leader of any group possible and like to talk out loud to get their thoughts in order?

Oh wait…they do?

For me, an extrovert always seemed like those incredibly extra loud people that always like to shove things at you while you’re walking through the Rotunda, or were cheerleaders or just peppy 24/7. But as it turns out, I actually agree with some of the extrovert identifiers.

Reign taker

Ask just about anybody in any of the friend groups I’m in here at Georgia Southern and you’ll learn that I like to be in charge. I’m fine with letting others take over for a little while, but ultimately I’m the captain of this ship. I’m the captain now.

In any group project, whether I really want to or not, I end up being the leader, the decision-maker, the group speaker, what have you. It’s not my fault that most people are wrong and don’t see my vision for the future (or class period).

So the first extrovert quality I identify with is definitely a reign taker. So “giddy up!”

Talk that talk

Remember how I said to ask people in my friend groups about me? Well, if they said I like to be in charge, they probably also mentioned how I can never shut up.

See, that whole “don’t speak unless spoken to” nonsense is not me. Unless it’s really inappropriate, you can catch me happily butting into whatever conversation is happening nearby.

I literally have to stop myself from replying to people’s questions or comments while I’m walking on the pedestrian. Instead, I simply stick my headphones and try to focus in on Billy Joel’s voice in my ears.

I talk that talk and walk that walk.

Hashtag no filter

I am blunt. There’s no sugar coating this final introverted fact about me. I am team hashtag no filter.

I proudly say what most people in the room are thinking about a particular subject, event, or person, because I mean, somebody has to. So what, some people might call this “rude” or “too honest” or what have you, but I believe I am doing the world a personal service by agreeing out loud that, yeah, our professor has definitely seen better days.

You see, another part of my personality is that I am a Leo. Known as the kings and queen of the zodiac, being outgoing and having no filter is all about the brand. A brand I believe I fit quite well.

In closing

In all honestly, being an introvert or extrovert at Georgia Southern won’t change your college experience in any way. You don’t have to go to every party every weekend, but you don’t have to hole yourself up on the fourth floor of Hendy either.

I believe that no matter how you have fun, whether that’s partying or curling up in bed with a good book, as long as you’re at Southern, you can never be wrong.

Making my way to class, walking fast, faces pass and I’m class bound.