“Gown to Town: Visual Art Mapping in the ‘Boro” opens this Friday

Tara Bailey

Ever heard of the phrase, “Town and Gown?”

The phrase refers to the relationship between a town and a university. However, for the exhibition, “Gown to Town: Visual Art Mapping in the ‘Boro,’” ten senior art students used their own perspectives of Statesboro to create different types of art work.

“The students in this class are inspired by their personal experiences, relationships, observations and local history,” Casey Stoddard, creative design director, said.

The exhibition will feature several types of art, ranging from ceramics to video animation.

“The students spend two months working on this project, where the students conceive of the idea, draw upon their studio skills and then they go into the studio and articulate that design while researching those components,” Elsie Hill, assistant professor of foundation studies, said.

Each of the students have incorporated a map, which will include places in Statesboro that correlate with places included in their projects. This interactive map will be available online on April 7 on the exhibition’s website.

“The story associated with each of their works will be shared on an interactive map. So, if they take a photo for inspiration on Sweetheart Circle, the image is cataloged on the story map in a section about their visual art project,” Stoddard said.

One of the artists’ work to be featured at the show is Robin Lane, a senior studio arts major, who created a set of ceramic books titled as the “Library of Statesboro.” Each ceramic book will cover a subject of Statesboro’s history.

“When I began this class, I knew that what I wanted to do was to create a library. Multiple books that spanned history and current times of Statesboro and what this community is to me,” Lane said.

The gallery will be open to the public from April 7 to April 30 in the Averitt Center for the Arts and the Roxie Remley Center for Fine Arts, and it will also be a part of Statesboro’s monthly First Friday event at 5:30 p.m. this Friday, April 7.