Multicultural Student Center focusing on creating a diverse campus for all

Taisha White

In an effort to bring a wide range of diversity to Georgia Southern University, the Multicultural Student Center (MSC) has created numerous platforms, ideas and events to showcase the multidimensional campus.

In the past, the MSC, which is located in the second floor of the Russell Union, has came up with consistent diverse inspired events with a goal of expanding the diversity mindset of the GS community, as well as provide an educational experience.

From Pride Prom to World Aids Day, to showcasing the history of those in Black History Month, Hispanic Heritage Month and Native American Heritage Month.

Takeshia Brown, director of the MSC, explains why she feels that its important to showcase the numerous diversity inspired ideas on campus.

“I think that it is important for specific reasons. Above all, it teaches us how to operate and live in a global society,” Brown said. “So with these diverse events that we have, it teaches, not just our peers, but us as individuals how to operate, function and work with people with differences and similarities as well.”

Brown also goes on to speak on how the MSC is a way for the GS community to learn about themselves as well as how to develop skills with working and creating a closer connection with others from various backgrounds.

Olivia Dowe, sophomore nursing major, speaks on how the MSC can create a positive impact to the GS community.

“I think with the MSC it can create a wide range of diversity here on campus,” Dowe said. “I think that it is good for people to be aware of what is happening in the MSC so we can get along, respect each others’ backgrounds and learn more about the people that we go to school with on a daily basis.”

Upcoming Events

The MSC has a few events that are to come for the spring semester. For the month of March, the MSC will bring Holi Festival of Colors, which is socio-cultural event with a wide range of colors thrown in the air to mark the signs of love and to bring in the spring season.

In the month of April, students can expect the Diversity Inclusion and Fairness (D.I.F.) Conference, which allows students to speak openly about multiple issues related to these three topics and the annual drag show, where drag queens and kings come and showcase their style and talents all while educating the crowd on safe sex.

Martel Campbell, sophomore multimedia film and production major, thinks that the MSC brings about a lot of diversity on campus, but would like to see a bigger and more diverse crowd at the events.

“I think that the MSC is a great way for all of us to understand about the different types of people in the world,” Campbell said. “Usually when I come to the events however, I do see the same people. So hopefully a different group of people start to come to these types of events.”