Top Five Sex Positions at GS

Ariane Jensen

After sending out a quiz that would be viewed and voted upon by close to 200 people, the top five most popular sex positions would be easily differentiated from the less popular. The thing with sex is that people always will have their go-to favorites – the ones that feel the best between the partners. Everyone will always have the one that gets them to orgasm the fastest. It really just depends on the person.

Doggy Style

The most common sex position among Georgia Southern Students was Doggy Style. This position explained is when both partners are on their knees and one is behind their partner – It’s understood that this position can feel the best for men and it is the most exciting. Conscious Life News explains that Doggy Style “puts him in control, allowing him to call the shots and to go at the speed that’s best for him.”  Doggy Style also has the deepest penetration and allows for an ass-slapping good time, but on the receiving end one can end up feeling like a piece of meat. So try spooning-plus-doggy for more intimacy.


The second most loved was Cowgirl position. This position puts the woman in the driver’s seat, and allows her to “dictate” [get it?] the rhythm and the pace that she wants to go to. Some women love being in control, and the person receiving this amazing treatment can love to see your curves, so don’t be self-conscious about your body when enjoying yourself in this position. If you are looking to improve on what you’re doing to make sure you’re orgasming every time, says, “you can bounce up and down on your man’s penis or instead, you can move your body forwards and backwards to stimulate your clitoris and the rest of the outside of your vagina. Think of it as grinding against his pubic bone. Or you can try doing both at the same time.”

The Hero

Third in line we have The Hero, where the receiver’s legs are up against the shoulders of the giver’s, the receiver’s legs up to the sky, toes preferably pointed for more tension. The giver will treat this position as missionary without the legs around his waist. This position allows for deeper penetration. To make this position better, place a pillow under the receiver’s bottom for more cushion and better leverage. This position allows for nipple play and is great for anal sex.

Tight Squeeze

Tight Squeeze is ranked fourth. This is much like doggy style, however the woman is laying on her stomach, with her legs crossed (around the ankle) and the man lies on top of her, straddling her body, and penetrates her from behind. This position allows for a tighter feeling for the male, and a fuller, more fulfilling feeling for the woman receiving. To improve on this position Cosmo suggests: “To make this connection even steamier, pump your booty back and forth into his hips as he’s thrusting for some dual action.”


Finally we have missionary, the most reliable position, mainly for the reason that it is the first position that we all have seen whether it be in porn or on TV. This is probably for the reason that it is the most PG form of sex. This position is performed with a woman’s legs spread, with her partner in between them. Women’s health magazine suggests: “Double up. Masturbate (with your hand or a vibrator) while he continues thrusting. The same goes for playing with your nipples and other erogenous zones.”


There are so many online magazines and books with information to improve your sex life and to educate you so that  you have more fun in the bedroom (and know exactly why what feels the way it does). Have fun, be safe, get in there!