GS offers private guitar lessons

Brendan Ward

Georgia Southern University is offering private guitar lessons starting Monday in the Foy Fine Arts Building.

Lessons start Jan. 30 and will be every Monday until April 17.

Both beginning and advanced classical instruction will be offered, as well as beginning to intermediate flamenco styles. Lessons are open to all students regardless of prior experience.

All lessons will extensively cover proper technique, music theory and musicianship.

Along with classical lessons, students can get instruction in basic folk/rock chord progressions and strumming techniques.

Students are required to bring their own acoustic instrument to lessons. A classical or flamenco nylon string instrument is preferred for flamenco lessons.

All lessons will be taught by Brian Luckett, a classical guitarist who received his Bachelor’s degree in guitar performance from the University of Louisville’s School of Music. Ultimately, he earned a Doctor of Musical Arts degree from the University of Minnesota.

In his career he has performed with the I Cantori vocal ensemble, guitarist Eliot Fisk, flautist and composer Nicole, as well as the Georgia Southern Symphony.

Besides performing, Luckett has also composed original works, which premiered in Cincinnati, Minneapolis, and Atlanta.

He was also the director of classical guitar studies at Emory University and a faculty member at Agnes Scott College. He is currently a faculty member at Georgia Southern University.

For more information lessons, check out the GSU event calendar as well as Luckett’s website.