GSU College Republicans host Bulloch County Sheriff debate at Statesboro High School

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Erin McGuiness

The Bulloch County Republican Party along with the Georgia Southern College Republicans will host a debate for the Bulloch County Sheriff’s race between candidates Jared Akins and Noel Brown

“I feel like the Republican Party is fortunate to have two really great candidates seeking our nomination for sheriff, and we want to provide a venue that show cases those candidates, and allows for all members of our community to make a more informed decision on who we want to lead the Bulloch County Sheriff’s Department in the years to come,” Eric Cumbee, Executive Chairman of Bulloch GOP, said.

Moderated by Statesboro City Councilman Phil Boyum, the debate will provide the first open forum between the two candidates to discuss where they stand on the issues.

Lindsay Gribble, Bulloch County Republican party communications director and coordinator, says that is is very important for the citizens, even students, to get to know the candidates.

“Students need to be involved and know who is representing them and know who is trying to keep them safe as college kids and what they want to do to continue to keep them safe,” Gribble said.

Many college students believe that attending and voting in local elections are not important or relevant, but some think that it may be important to hear what the candidates stand for.

“If I lived here and this was my permanent residence then yes but since I can’t vote here it’s probably not a big thing but it would be beneficial to hear what they believe in,” Jaycee Landcaster, junior sports management major, said.

Since students can’t vote unless their permanent address is in Bulloch county, they are not interested about the elections. However, they feel it’s important to be informed of the candidates views, since it has an effect on the community.

“We can’t vote so it’s not really that big of a deal but it does affect us in daily life, but you can support them [local candidates] and go out in the public and show support for them,”James, junior accounting major, said.

Jared Akins, one of the nominees, feels that the new Sheriff will be faced with keeping Bulloch County citizens safe in what he describes as a “diverse and rapidly growing community.”

“Students are a fundamental part of our community and should feel like they are a part of it. The Sheriff is responsible for their safety while they are living in our community, and I take that responsibility very seriously. As this county grows and changes, students play a role in directing and shaping that change,” Akins said.

Akins encourages all members of the community to participate in voting.

“Voting is the most direct way of participating in Bulloch County government and in helping its progress forward. Students have a voice, and their issues are our issues while they live, work, and study here,” Akins said.

The debate precede the Republican Primary on May 24 to decide the Republican Nominee for Bulloch county Sheriff for the November General Election against Democrat candidate, Keith Howard. The debate will take place at the Statesboro High School Auditorium on April 12, 2016 at 6 p.m. and it’s open to the public.

Photo courtesy of Jared Akins for Sheriff and Elect Noel Brown for Sheriff Facebook pages.