GSU welcomes Quickit app: A time saver for paying parking tickets

Tandra Smith

Georgia Southern University has recently begun to implement a brand new app called Quickit, which allows individuals who receive parking tickets to quickly pay them on their phone in seconds. GSU is the first university in the nation to use this app.

The app speaks volumes for many departments on campus and in addition, students. Many students think the app is useful and is a time saver.

“[The app] sounds cool. It sounds way better than going all the way over to Parking and Transportation to pay [a ticket],” Rebecca McClellan, freshman psychology major, said.

Quickit is a Savannah based company co-founded by Tristan Steele, CEO of Quickit and Steve Hall, Vice-President of Quickit. This is his second startup in the parking ticket field and his inspiration to make this app was when he saw how difficult it was for people to pay their tickets. He wanted to make the process of paying parking tickets easier.

The app was under development for six months and new features will be rolling out over the next few months. All of the features will attack the common goal of making city and university life convenient to pay for parking tickets.

It is often cumbersome for people to pay their parking tickets and that is exactly the problem Steele wanted to target.

“GSU understands the importance of technology and innovation and that’s why we chose [the school] to be a pilot for the program,” Steele said.

To pay a ticket using the app, all you have to do is scan the barcode located at the bottom of your parking ticket with your phone, tap the pay button, and that’s it. There are two options to pay: credit/debit card and Paypal. The app saves your payment information once you enter it for the first time and Parking and Transportation will never see your personal information.

Even though the app’s marketing has just recently begun, the Parking and Transportation department has already seen a growing number of tickets being paid. As many as 19 percent of tickets were paid using the app, despite limited marketing.

The app also shows you any other tickets that you might have on record and you are able to pay those as well. Once you have gotten a ticket, you have seven days to pay in order to receive a five percent discount on tickets that are 20 dollars and above. This discount has already been in place and will apply to the Quickit app as well.

Other features of the app include push notifications to remind you to pay your tickets before they’re due and payment confirmation.

There could be more parking apps like Quickit implemented at the university in the future. The Parking and Transportation department is planning to update their technology in the future.

Photo courtesy of Kelly Lowery.