Northland Communications takes the lead as the fastest internet provider in Statesboro

Chris Rossmann

Northland Communications, one of two primary Internet, TV and phone providers in Statesboro, announced two new internet packages that greatly increase the speed available to residents in the area. The two packages offer 50 MBPS and 100 MBPS speeds, and double or quadruple, respectively, the speeds currently offered. The company also increased its upload speeds available to 5 and 10 MBPS respectively. 

The increase in speed is partially in response to the FCC’s recently announced broadband standard speed of 25 MBPS. The FCC decided to upgrade it’s broadband benchmark after advances in technology made the previous standard of 4MBPS download, and 1 MBPS upload obsolete. The agency recently found that 17% of all americans, or over 55 million people, lacked access to internet speeds at least 25 MBPS. These numbers increased greatly among rural Americans, with 53% of Americans in rural areas lacking access to standard broadband speeds. 

“As the local Internet, TV, and Phone provider for Statesboro, our goal is to offer our community the most advanced products for the best value,” said Tim Kelley, Northland’s Statesboro Business Manager. “We have made a significant investment to our fiber-optic infrastructure and we’re proud to offer 50 and 100 MBPS Internet to the residents and businesses of Statesboro.”

In addition to the increase in speed, Northland is investing over 2.1 million dollars into their new system infrastructure to improve reliability and performance for their customers. Northland included a proactive network management system that is designed to solve problems and recognize opportunities to improve the network to avoid problems in the future. 

Faster internet speeds are currently available to over 50% of Northland’s current service area in Statesboro and residents are recommended to either call or walk in to see if speed increases are available. Northland currently has plans to expand the access area to all of Statesboro in the near future.

Northland Communications can be reached at (912) 489-8715 and they have an office at 32 East Vine Street.