Be Aware If You Dare

Courtney Rorex

Being college students, drinking is something that most of us are exposed to rather frequently. While it is okay to drink when over the age of 21, it is imperative to know the risks and dangers of alcohol and how to enjoy drinking responsibly. First, it is important to know that alcohol is not required to have a good time. Do not feel obligated to drink just because your friends or the people around you are drinking. Always be in control of your actions and know that YOU always know the best decisions to make for YOU. Many college students are unaware of the size of a standard drink, when it is very important to keep these numbers in mind. The standard sizes or drinks are 12 ounces of beer, which contains about 5% alcohol, 5 ounces of wine, which contains about 12% alcohol, and 1.5 ounces of liquor, which contains about 40% alcohol. If you do choose to drink, there are some important things that you always need to keep in mind. Always be aware of your surroundings and with people you trust to look out for your best interest. Keep in mind that being drunk is not a way of giving consent. Always seek clear, explicit consent from an individual to engage in any form of activity. Never leave your drink unattended to avoid having any drugs or foreign substances slipped in it. If possible, pour your own drinks or watch who is pouring your drink so you know exactly what and how much alcohol you will be consuming. Know your limit. Don’t feel like you have to go “shot for shot” with someone just to keep up. Don’t try to down your drink as quickly as you can. Take your time and drink a cup of water in between each drink. Most importantly, always appoint a designated driver. A designated driver helps you party another day! Alcohol is something that will cross the paths of most of us during our time here at Georgia Southern. Just remember, if you want to drink, be smart about it. College is a time to make memories, so make it a night to remember, not a night to forget.