Who IS the real GSU?

Trevor Mcnaboe

Georgia Southern will travel up to Atlanta for the second time this season and will take on Georgia State University.

The rivalry, if you can call it that, stems from the abbreviation GSU, which over time both schools have claimed.

Georgia State University obtained university status in 1969 after being known as Georgia State College previously. Georgia Southern changed from Georgia Southern College to Georgia Southern University in 1990.

An announcement made earlier this season by the Sun Belt Conference sparked a bit of uproar. The decision was that Georgia State would retain the GSU title while Georgia Southern would be known as GS.

Both teams have yet to play a football game against one another, so it is unfair to consider the two teams rivals, especially due to the fact that in Georgia State’s history, they have won a total of 10 games since starting their program in 2010.

Among the 10 wins over the past four seasons, not a single win has been against an FBS level opponent. While Georgia Southern, on the other hand, in the past season has five wins against FBS level competition.

This Saturday will be the first time that both teams will play one another and despite the build up, it can not really be considered a rivalry just based on the fact that, athletically, Georgia State doesn’t match up with the Eagles.

Currently Georgia Southern is a 16-point favorite against the Panthers. When you think of a rivalry, it is supposed to be level competition on the field, not feuding on social media over one letter.

So Georgia State, you can keep the U in your name but the only letter that matters is the W on the field.