What we know so far: Michael Gatto’s death

Lauren Gorla

The information below is what we know at the moment regarding Michael Gatto’s death and is based off of official documents and sources from the Statesboro Police Department and Bulloch County coroner. More information will be added as it is made available.

UPDATE: Grant Spencer has been charged with Felony Murder after the completion of Michael Gatto’s autopsy.

Who hit who?

Michael Gatto, 18-year old Georgia Southern University student, was the victim in an aggravated battery with Grant Spencer, 20-year old GSU student, at Rude Rudy’s.

What is Rude Rudy’s exactly?

Rude Rudy’s is a bar and restaurant in Statesboro that is popular among students. Rude Rudy’s accepts anyone 18 years old and over but the legal drinking age is still 21 years old.

So was this  just another bar fight?

The details of how and why the altercation started is unknown at this point. Multiple rumors are circling about the incident but no official word from the Statesboro Police Department has been released. Spencer was a Rude Rudy’s bouncer but according to Rude Rudy’s, he was not working at the night of the incident.

Did Michael Gatto die?

Yes. Jake Futch, Bulloch County coroner, was informed of Gatto’s passing around 4 p.m. on Thursday, Aug. 28. Futch confirmed Friday morning with The George-Anne that Gatto had passed.

Police released that Gatto sustained head injuries during the altercation and was airlifted from East Georgia Regional Medical Center in Statesboro to Memorial University Medical Center in Savannah.

Gatto’s body will be transported to the crime lab in Savannah on Tuesday for an autopsy which should provide the official cause of death.

There were many people that were saying he died at different times. When did he actually pass away?

The official time of his passing has not been released.

What has Grant Spencer been charged with?

As of right now, Spencer is charged with aggravated battery. SPD confirmed around 6 p.m. Thursday Aug. 28 that Spencer was in police custody. Any change in charges or additional charges have not been released.

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