Technical issues may mean a second chance

Peyton Callanan

Student Government Association elections end today at 3 p.m. due to technical issues on Monday that resulted in the voting being reset. These technical difficulties may seem like a setback for the SGA election committee, but offer a unique chance for students to have more time to vote.

Last year’s elections saw 1,786 votes for the president position, amounting to about nine percent of a student body of roughly 20,000. These small numbers along with student viewpoints of not knowing much about SGA are discouraging and worrisome.

SGA serves to be a voice for the students to higher administration, like the head of Eagle Dining Services or the Provost. If students are not involved in the process of electing these officials, then they are not exercising one of the most useful ways to have their voice heard by the university.

The students are what guide many decisions made about the future of our university, and those decisions are not ones to be taken lightly. Those who step up to fill senate and executive positions in SGA have decided to take it upon themselves to fill a role for the over 20,000 students at GSU. They stand for us and strive to fight for us to the best of their ability.

Students should care about the tobacco policy enforcement next spring. Students should care about what dining locations we have on campus. Students should care about the future of our university. Students can show some of that care in one simple way: by voting for SGA candidates.

Even though this extra time to vote was more of a fluke than purposeful, use it to its advantage. SGA works to serve the students so show support by casting a vote.