Eagle Dining survey offers new restaurant options

Part of the Eagle Dining survey

Lauren Gorla

Georgia Southern University Eagle Dining Services released a survey last week regarding new options for dining on campus to replace the closing Einstein’s Bagels and Coldstone Creamery.

“We need major feedback. These are going to be major changes and I know students aren’t pleased with things like coming back to school and finding out that the Pickle Barrel is gone,” Charles Glover, Student Government Association Executive Vice President of Auxiliary Affairs, said. “If there was a situation where they would come back and Einstein’s and Coldstone are gone that would really hurt the student relationship with Eagle Dining.”

The survey asks students to choose new options to replace the Computer Store in the Information Technology building, as well as a concept to replace Talons Grille.

Although the survey will play a large role in making future decisions for dining locations, the survey results are not a guarantee that a certain location will definitely come to GSU.

“I’m sure it’ll come down to like franchising issues like if we were to try to open up a Subway it might be a little difficult because there’s already a Subway franchise right there. It’s really just to gather ideas of what students what to see come to campus,” Glover said.

Affordability is also something that must be considered before making a final decision. An expensive location will not be likely to attract many students, Glover said.

The second part of the survey asks students to choose where on campus they would like to see a new location, such as near the residence halls, near Paulson Stadium bus stop and near Engineering bus stop.

“I don’t think there’s intentions of building anything in the near, near future but I think they do want an idea of where would be the next good place because they understand how inconvenient it is for students like in Freedom’s Landing and all on-campus students, have to come all the way down back to get something to eat over here especially on the weekends with no buses around,” Glover said.

Students living off campus should care about participating in the survey because every student spends some portion of their day on campus.

“Well you’re going to be on campus at some point so we want it to be convenient for you guys. Eagle Dining doesn’t want you to be ostracized just because you choose not to have a meal plan,” Glover said.

Glover said, “The exact date of these new locations building and opening depends on signing contracts and the logistics of how each location will work with staff and equipment.”