The Great Eagle hides eggs on campus

Rashida Otunba

Georgia Southern University students can relive their childhoods this week as Department of Auxiliary Services presents the Great Eagle Egg Hunt.

Sometime this week, 2,500 blue Easter eggs will decorate the landscape of the GSU campus. Auxiliary Services has been planning this event since February and has kept the exact date of the start of the Great Eagle Egg Hunt under wraps.

“We use the entire campus to hide eggs. It’s just a way for the University Store and the Computer Store to give back to the students. It’s a fun activity that you don’t have to pay to participate in, and you don’t have to purchase anything to participate in. Who doesn’t like finding eggs filled with candy on their way to class?” Jessica O’Neill, director of marketing for Auxiliary Services, said.

Both the University Store and the Computer Store have teamed up with various local businesses and restaurants, including Steak ‘n Shake and McAlister’s Deli, to present this activity. Inside each egg will be prizes ranging from candy to free meal tickets. There will also be 12 golden eggs, which will have vouchers for grand prizes such as an iPad mini, Beats by Dre and other prizes.

Briana Daughtery, marketing intern for Auxiliary Services and junior public relations major and Spanish minor, said she wants people to have fun. Everyone loved an Easter egg hunt when they were younger, and now they’re bringing it to a college campus. They also want students to realize that we have awesome local businesses and the fact that they are sponsoring the prizes is awesome.

Each year there is also one mega egg which will contain the grand prize. This year’s mega egg, called the Mellow Mega Egg, is sponsored by Mellow Mushroom, and whoever finds it will be awarded free pizza for an entire year.

Throughout the competition, the University Store will reveal hints about the location of each golden egg by posting riddles on Twitter and Facebook. Winners will be able to collect their prizes at the University Store.