GSU employees arrested

Jennifer Curington

Three employees of the Physical Plant were arrested and charged with theft by deception.

Fraudulent claims made by the employees were made regarding travel reimbursement, Chief Mike Russell, director of public safety, said.

Chandra Cheatham, Tonsheia Williams-Grandison and Victoria Glover were arrested on Jan. 17. None of the employees could be found in the Georgia Southern University directory on Jan. 22.

Theft by deception is when lying by deceit obtains an object or objects of value.

“In Georgia you’ve got theft by taking is when I just take something from you. If I deceive you, that’s theft by deception,” Russell said.

Some travel is paid for in advance, but the employee traveling pays for most travel up front and then they apply to be reimbursed by the university.

The case is still under investigation, so information regarding the circumstances is limited.  At this point, the amount of travel reimbursement could not be released at this time.

Physical Plant Superintendent, Jason Aultman, could not confirm if the three employees were at work today.

When asked if he was aware that three of his employees had been arrested, Aultman said that his office has over 100 employees just on the day shift, and that they report to their own supervisors.

Aultman referred questions to Grace Shannon who did not return phone or email contact attempts by press time.