Club Spotlight: Visage Fashion Organization

Madeline Branch

Photo courtesy of Brandon Gardner

With a mixture of fashion, modeling, production and communications, Visage Fashion Company creates a platform for others to display art in various forms. 

Visage is a fashion organization that hosts various fashion shows throughout the fall and spring semesters. 

The organization has a number of different departments that ultimately come together to make each show possible. 

Their different departments consist of styling, modeling, backstage, public relations, a creative team and a glam team. Each department specializes in their own task. 

The modeling department consists of runway and print models who model for fashion shows and photoshoots, while the wardrobe stylist department designs clothes and styles models.

The glam team specializes in doing hair and makeup for models before fashion shows and the creative team comes up with the themes and ideas for the show. Visage’s backstage department focuses on lights and production. 

Their public relations department’s main job is to focus on the public image of Visage, such as photography, videography and graphic design.  

Visage was founded in 2014 by former Georgia Southern student Morgan Tatum. The organization is a breeding ground for people to gain experience and opportunities.

“I look for ambition, passion and people who are not afraid of expressing their creative ability through whatever they do,” said Visage Fashion Company President Brandon Gardener. “I want to give them a platform for what they aspire to do in life and be an outlet for others to provide them with resources.” 

Gardener’s vision for the company is to diversify the organization by creating an all inclusive organization for everyone to join.  

“What I look forward to is boosting our presence outside of Georgia Southern,” said Gardener. 

Visage holds tryouts for all departments each semester.

Madeline Branch was previously a member of Visage Fashion Organization and worked as a stylist.