How to Give Back This Thanksgiving Holiday


Madeline Branch

The holidays are now in full effect. As Thanksgiving approaches, it is important to remember that this holiday isn’t just about feasting on your favorite meals. 

These five effective ways to give back are sure to let someone know that they are on your mind this Thanksgiving. 

Give Thanks to Soldiers 

It takes a lot of strength mentally, physically and emotionally to fight for our country. What better way to let our military troops know that you appreciate all their hard work and dedication that goes into serving our country than by giving back?

You can write a handwritten letter to someone within the army thanking them for all that they do or you can send a care package. 

Your care package can include gift cards, drinks, snacks and personal care items like socks and toothpaste. Entertainment items are also good items to send to military troops, like books, card games and board games. You can ship any goods to Support Our Troops. 

Volunteer at a Soup Kitchen

Short on money this Holiday? Want a way to give back but without the cost of money? Try volunteering at a soup kitchen this Thanksgiving. 

Volunteering at a soup kitchen can be very rewarding for not only yourself but also your community. Not everyone is blessed enough to eat a full course meal this Thanksgiving, so it’s important to remember that and try to give back the best you can. 

Statesboro First United Methodist Church has a soup kitchen that you can volunteer at. All you have to do is sign up. The church also has a public soup kitchen on Saturdays from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m.

Visit A Nursing Home 

It’s very possible to get lonely around the holidays when you’re living in a nursing home. Sometimes those in nursing homes can be forgotten or perhaps their family members aren’t able to spend much time with them during the holidays.

You can play games with those living inside the residency while also providing a comfortable environment. You can also just talk to those that are within the home and get to know the people. 

Whether you know someone within the nursing home or just want to visit to let others know that they are still appreciated, it means a lot. 

Sponsor A Family

Going the extra mile to put a smile on other families faces by  supporting them is what Thanksgiving is all about. 

For families living in poverty, food can sometimes be scarce to come by. 

Sponsor a family this holiday by providing groceries.

Donate to a Cause 

Donating is also a very beneficial and effective way to give back. Whether it’s donating clothing items, food items or even running for a cause this holiday, all of these can go toward a positive end goal. 

Try looking for local events hosted for a main cause to give back or go out of your way to donate to local food banks or homeless shelters. 

The money that these local charities raise from your donations goes to helping those in need. 

Maybe you could run or walk in a charitable race this thanksgiving to raise awareness or donate to other organizations, or if you’re too busy, you could find donate to nonprofit organizations like Habitat for Humanity.

Thanksgiving is about giving thanks to those who you appreciate and also giving back. It doesn’t have to take a lot of money to show someone that you appreciate them or that you are thinking of them.