Cook Out to replace Varieties

Jennifer Curington

Statesboro is soon to be home of Georgia’s first Cook Out restaurant, however there is no way to know that just by driving by the hamburger and milkshake provider’s future location.

Cook Out is filling in the vacancy that Varieties of Statesboro left near Burger King on Fair Road when the southern and sushi server closed its doors a few months ago. The building is under construction, but no signs have been displayed to indicate what is coming or when.

A Cook Out advertising department employee said they expect to open the location three to four weeks from now. The only name the employee provided was Krystal, and she refused to provide her last name because Cook Out is a “very private company.”

The company was founded in North Carolina, but has locations in other southeastern states. There is no corporate-run website or social media page for the restaurant. All informative online content is fan-made and operated.

The advertising employee said most locations open at 10:30 a.m. and stay open until 3 or 4 a.m. The hours for the Statesboro location will depend on sales during the early weeks of the store’s opening.

Cook Out offers a “tray meal” that is $4.79 and includes an entrée, two sides and a drink, the advertising employee said. Pictures found on one of the fan-made websites show a sign from one of the Cook Out locations listing tray meals at $4.25.

The George-Anne contacted a Cook Out location in North Carolina to obtain the corporate office number. When the corporate office was reached, the reporter was told that CEO Jeremy Reaves did not have an office in corporate headquarters and that he could not be reached for questions.

Childs Architecture created the building design for the Statesboro location, but could not disclose what construction company was handling the renovations and development.