Fee Educational Campaign Committee urges students to vote on upcoming fees

Lauren Gorla

Student Government Association discussed last night how the Fee Educational Campaign Committee is working to promote awareness among students about the upcoming vote on student fees.

“We’re really proud of what they’ve been doing. They will be putting up posters all across campus between now and Friday so that way on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday no one will have an excuse for why they didn’t vote,” SGA President Dominique Quarles said.

The committee has been taking posters around to every building on campus and has placed table tents on several dining places, SGA Senator At-Large Ellen Hogan said.

The campaign has also visited organizations on campus, showing members an informational video about the fees and answering any questions regarding what the actual fees are.

The fee committee will attempt to flood all social media in an event called “Power Hour” taking place next Monday-Thursday from 8-9 p.m.

During Power Hour, students are encouraged to post about voting on student fees on any social networking site like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Hogan said members of the Fee Educational Committee will knock on the doors of every dorm room on campus, handing out flyers and making sure that every student knows about the vote on student fees.