Failure to yield at a stop sign causes wreck on Sweetheart Circle

Sarah Smith

STATESBORO — A white van was overturned on Forest Drive Thursday night in an accident.

University Police Department responded to a call at 9:11 p.m. regarding a motor vehicle accident on Forest Drive.

A female, identified as Driver 2, was on the scene of the accident, according to the police report. As police calmed down Driver 2, Driver 1 explained what happened to UPD, according to the police report.

Driver 1 was exiting B lot to make a left hand turn on Forest Drive after stopping at the stop sign in vehicle 1, a tan Infinity I35, according to the police report.

Driver 1 explained that he was reaching down to our off the radio and did not see Vehicle 2, a white SUV, while turning, according to the police report. 

Driver 2 swerved in an attempt to avoid hitting Vehicle 1. Vehicle 2 then hit Vehicle 1 on the front passenger side, causing Vehicle 2 to flip on its roof, according to the police report.

Vehicle 2 was towed and no injuries were reported. Driver 1 was charged with failure to yield after stopping at a stop sign, according to the report.

Sarah Smith, The George-Anne News Editor,