A Horror Movie with Heart: Does “It: Chapter Two” Live Up to Expectations?

Aubrey Brumblow

Image credit to Warner Bros. Pictures

Some may consider 2017’s blockbuster hit “It” one of the best horror movies in recent years. The movie earned a colossal $326,898,358 US dollars according to Rotten Tomatoes, and it had everything: heart, creepiness, scares and out-of-this-world acting.

“It” made sure its 2019 sequel had huge shoes to fill.

So, did “It: Chapter Two” live up to the hype?

The Movie

Based on Stephen King’s supernatural horror novel, “It” follows the terrifying tale of seven young members of the “Losers’ Club” as they face off against an ancient monster who resurfaces every 27 years and comes most often in the form of a clown named Pennywise (Bill Skarsgård in an unbelievably memorable role). In order to survive, they must confront their biggest fears and deepest insecurities.

And along the way, we come to love these kids.

“It: Chapter Two” picks up where its predecessor leaves off. The Losers’ Club is scattered across the US and all grown up—and they don’t really remember each other or the monster they faced. When a phone call brings them all back to Derry, Maine, they discover It is back and ready for round two.

The Good

The concept is spectacular. The acting is mind-blowing (especially the young actors who reprise their roles during certain sequences). Bill Hader especially has garnered a lot of buzz from fans for his role as adult Richie Tozier.

Most strikingly, “It: Chapter Two” is hilarious and charming. The movie borders on tongue-in-cheek toward its own genre, playing with an audience well-aware of typical horror tropes. 

This movie has so many great elements: romance, laughs, jump scares, wit and charm. In one of the most enjoyable scenes, the reunited characters sit at a restaurant table, catching up on lost time. Each character is so well-developed and well-acted that the scene, which otherwise might have been innocuous, really stands out.

You find out secrets about the Losers’ Club, and you see more sides of their characters.

Also, Stephen King pops in for a hilarious cameo!

The Not-So-Good

You may have been wondering, funny? Charming? But isn’t this a horror movie?

And that’s the problem. “It: Chapter Two” might not be what horror fans expect. If you’re looking for a creepy screamfest, this movie might not be what you’re looking for. The comedic moments are too frequent for the movie to be suspenseful.

However, if you’re easily frightened, this horror movie with a heart might be the perfect choice. More than likely, it won’t be too much to handle.

It’s a huge venture as far as movies go, full of CGI and a big cast, and, at a whopping two hours and 50 minutes, the movie might be too long for some viewers (just like this sentence). Not to mention that the middle act could have been a less formulaic.

In the end, some viewers might long for the less-ambitious but nevertheless enrapturing first movie.


See it for the story, the characters and the few genuine scares. And did I already mention the crazy good acting?

8 out of 10 stars.