Georgia Southern Miracle set to host their first meeting this week

Kyle Clark

STATESBORO— Georgia Southern Miracle will be hosting their first meeting of the semester Wednesday. 

GS Miracle is a student organization focused on fundraising for Childrens Miracle Network Hospitals. The hospital they primarily help fund is the Children’s Hospital of Georgia in Augusta. 

Students take part in fundraisers and events, along with meeting Miracle Families. The largest fall event is the annual Kookin’ For the Kids chilli cookoff. People and organizations can enter and have their cooking be judged by the Miracle Kids. 

In spring, GS Miracle hosts an eight hour Dance Marathon. The event consists of music, games, family events, celebrating members and the fundraising done that year. 

“It’s truly just a great way to give yourself to something that’s a lot bigger,” said Miracle president Abbey Glaze. “Miracle is a way to be philanthropic but be incredibly social and see exactly where your impact is going.” 

According to Glaze meetings tend to consist of going over plans for the week, working on events and campaigns, planning out visits and hospital tours, socializing and mingling, and even giving out prizes. 

Members also make an effort to talk with and encourage new or prospective members at the start of meetings. 

“One minute of your time can mean the world to some of these kids,” said Glaze. “I promise you that spending however much time you’re able to give back to these families will be given back to you tenfold.” 

This first meeting of the 2019 school year for Miracle will be Wednesday at 6 p.m. in Russell Union room 2052. 

Kyle Clark, The George-Anne Daily Managing Editor,