BRIEF: Second fall minimester to start Oct. 14

Kyle Clark

STATESBORO — Courses for the second fall minimester will start Oct. 14.

The minimester is a seven week period where students can take shorter versions of classes for credit. Courses are offered both on campus and online. 

These courses count for full credits and ask for less of a time investment than the 15 week full semester courses. 

Students interested in taking minimester courses can use the class search tool and search for courses under Fall 2019 Term B. 

According to the GS website, more courses will be added so students are urged to check frequently. 

This is the second of the minimesters offered this semester, the first of which started Aug. 19 and ends on Oct. 11. 

Students should speak with their advisor if they are uncertain of which minimester courses would work best for them. 

Kyle Clark, The George-Anne Daily Managing Editor,