Statesboro Popeyes to have chicken sandwich in the first week of September

Nathan Woodruff

STATESBORO — Chicken sandwiches will be served at the Statesboro Popeyes starting the first week of September. 

While the chicken restaurant rolled out their new chicken sandwich nationally earlier this week, Statesboro residents will have to wait a little longer to buy them in town. 

Sabrina Gatewood, an Assistant Manager at the Statesboro Popeyes, said that the sandwich had not yet reached all Popeyes across the nation.

“Mainly just everybody’s really excited for it and we are just trying to get everything in place for it, Gatewood said. “It hasn’t rolled out to all stores so as they roll out further we will also be getting it so that’s why we are waiting until September.”

Gatewood said that Popeyes was excited for its customers to try its new product, and that there would no difficulties in the distribution process.

“So far no, we are just really excited for everyone to try it,” Gatewood said. 

The Popeyes in Statesboro is located between the Flash Foods and the Cookout at 536 Fair Rd in Statesboro.

Nathan Woodruff, The George-Anne Managing News Editor,